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The girls particularly in high school could be devastating. But you grow out of that.

We even used that building as our office space until the current red brick building was built in But Marjorie recalls a house that was there before either of those buildings existed. This current house was constructed for Arthur and his family once he took over as the cemetery manager. It looked and felt less creepy than the old house. It was much bigger than the one that we lived in. And we each had our own bedroom which was good. And they loved coming out after church and just hanging around. One fellow had a car but the rest of us just biked all over the place.

Now they have all those solar lights out there, but then there was nothing. Well, except brothers in sheets. Marjorie notes that her brothers scared her just that first time. Every time after that one was just annoying.

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The cemetery grew on Marjorie over time despite the pranks and the secrecy at school. My sister and I would roam all over the place and check things out. You get back from summer holidays in grade school, and your teachers make you write about what you did over the summer holidays. Brienna filling out a form for little Billie. Originally, we thought they were one stone…maybe a ledger that had cracked in several places or something, but when we took the sod off the stones we realized it was two different stones from the s!

Genealogical and Historical Notes

Another one to lay down in screening! And finally, while we tried to get that out, we realized it was in more cement! We never knew what to expect with this stone! Robyn: OhhhHHhh there are so many to chose from! They all contain substances that leech into the stone and cause internal damage when they get wet…the particles expand, crack the stone, and eventually ruin the inscriptions.

Please just take pictures, make notes, and lightly feel the stone with your finger tips to determine letters! This is for many reasons. Firstly, you could scratch the monument with what you are using to probe the ground. What if the burial is shallow? Or what if that plot is still in use?

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Please just ask the staff inside, they will be happy to assist you. Brienna: Watching a deer give birth! Even though it was a stillbirth and sad, we learned a lot.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Antiquarian Magazine & Bibliographer, edited by Edward Walford.

We found the deer sitting, with a pink sack next to her. This looked super gruesome, as bits of the sack and blood dripped from her mouth. It was pretty intense! It was one of our first days at Woodland, and as we were going for lunch this young squirrel was chasing us down the road while we walked! After we realized he was a hungry baby and not a rabid creature, we let him follow us over to lunch. We gave him water and a cashew, and he hung out with us for part of the afternoon! He rode around on our shoulders, snuggled inside my jacket, and rode on my backpack for a while.

Once we got our golf cart running though, he ran off. Some heavy lifting required! I think the hardest part of the job was just figuring out what gravestone repairs are the priority for us to work on. You could spend literal years at the cemetery, probably even in only one or two sections, making sure each stone is level, stable, etc. Brienna: I think just getting used to the conditions. I had a few muscle cramps at first from all the lifting and digging, but they quickly went away. If we had more hands, there are so many easy fixes lying around Woodland. Robyn: Besides meeting and working with all these amazing people?

Getting to work in a historic cemetery, of course! We have worked really hard this summer to up our online presence as a way to interact with people too, but it is so much more rewarding to be able to answer questions in person. I want everyone to know how interesting historic burial sites are! Brienna: So many things!! If you work your body to the point of exhaustion in this heat, your work will be subpar anyways.

It was a haunted cemetery (well, sort of).

Trust me, it will save you! Also, look up the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke so you can take a rest if you feel one of them coming on. Section R, our home away from home. In fact, I find them rather peaceful! The burial process is fascinating. The wildlife at Woodland is amazing!

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But that could change at any moment! I feel privileged to have had this experience and a chance to be part of those moments too. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey in monument conservation. Keep up with Woodland Cemetery History here on the blog, and on social media all year round to find out more about the exciting work being done at the cemetery, and to get info on upcoming tours and talks.

Au revoir! Our last-minute project appeared in the form of Maurice Baker, his four children, and his monumental hah gravestone. It was a find day on our last week at Woodland, and Brienna and myself were busy finishing up some projects and finding a couple easy ones to do along the way. We had just finished resetting a broken stone in some limestone screening on the ground, and moved over to a large broken gravestone nearby in Section K. We thought we were just going to be able to reset the stone on the ground, and began edging around it.


Boy, were we ever wrong there! After the two visible pieces of the gravestone were removed from the ground, we realized that the base of the stone was in situ to the west of the main portion of the monument. Since the stone dated to the , we thought that it must have been the style that goes deep underground, rather than having been set in a key.

Excitedly, we started digging down into the ground to get the base out, in order to reset it and get the stone standing. What was that doing there?