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I have even tried to meet you halfway by stating I would send you a pdf of the evidence, there is no smoke without fire and what I have is an inferno of proof. If you claim there are no bonds then let me prove you wrong. What are you afraid of The truth.

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It seems from the way your request is structured that there may be a little confusion. These were not however linked to a child's Birth Certificate, which was used only as evidence of age and therefore qualification being under 18 years of age to take part in the savings scheme.

These Trust Funds and Bonds were discontinued in when the savings Scheme closed to new applicants, only existing under 18 savers are able to continue depositing into their accounts and gain interest on the amount saved. Here are links to the full details on the Gov.

I would very be interested in seeing the proof you say you have that shows anything different to the above. I'll message you through WDTK to take up your offer. Otherwise, if you want to post the proof you have on this site then just create a free website of your own, post the evidence and add an annotation here leading to that site.

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Free website design packages are easy to use and easy to find on the internet. Truth only fears concealment. You will be viewed as a creditor because you have proven that you are indeed alive. It is the red numbers that appear on the cert. These state the assets of yours that are owned by the state. The Live Birth Certificate entitles you to claim them back. Your name on the deceptive certificate is written as follows: John DOE. Notice the surname is in upper case letters.

This is called dead ledger text.

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It is called DEAD. TEXT because it is used on tombstones to signify the person is dead. Surnames hit circulation in and was then dropped as not many people took interest. They re-emerged in the late middle-ages to suit the re-working of the Corpus Juris now modified to suit the legal agenda today, to which there's volumes.

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Hope this helps. Help us protect your right to hold public authorities to account. Donate and support our work. General Register Office. More similar requests. Are you the owner of any commercial copyright on this page? A site to help anyone submit a Freedom of Information request. WhatDoTheyKnow also publishes and archives requests and responses, building a massive archive of information. Run by Volunteers and powered by Alaveteli.

Do I Really Need a Birth Certificate? |

Built by mySociety. For full details visit mysociety. We're seeking to fill a number of volunteer roles. Menu Close. Cymraeg English. Sign in or sign up. Search Submit Search. Amanda-Jane 28 May Delivered. Dear General Register Office, Selwyn Hughes FOI request:I am hoping that you can clarify some information that I have come across 1 When a live birth is recorded in the registrars books, is a bond then created to that certificate that represents an account for the use of that child on reaching adulthood?

Yours faithfully, Amanda-Jane: Phillips. Link to this Report. GRO Casework, 31 May Dear Amanda-Jane: Phillips, Thank you for your recent e-mail below. I hope this information is helpful to you. Amanda-Jane 31 May Delivered. Dear GRO Casework, Thank you for getting back to me Barry Please allow me to explain so you dont get confused with the fabrications your colleagues are instructing you to say: The Documentation I have actually proves you do have a bond attached to each birth certificate so Im afraid Im going to have to disagree with you as I have proof of claim.

I await your response Yours sincerely, Amanda-Jane. Amanda-Jane left an annotation 24 June Greetings fellow humans How long does it take to reply to a simple question of how to put up my proof of claim on here.


Amanda-Jane 28 July Delivered. Yours sincerely, Amanda-Jane. GRO Casework, 3 August Amanda-Jane 18 August Delivered. Amanda-Jane 30 August Delivered. Yours faithfully, Amanda-Jane. Amanda-Jane 4 September Delivered. We are unable to assist any further with your enquiry. About Certificates. Adoption Law SHB Adoption Registration - Born in Washington State. Original Pre-Adoption Birth Certificate.

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Court-Ordered Name Change. Order Certificates. By Mail. By Phone. Driving Directions. Fees and Charges. Frequently Asked Questions. Heirloom Birth Certificates. Acknowledgment of Parentage. Court Ordered Parentage. Denial of Parentage. Rescission of Parentage. Rule Making.

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Sex Designation Change on a Birth Certificate. Single Status Letter. Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering Certificates. Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering Certificates Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Certificates Can I order a certificate for a birth, death, marriage or divorce that took place in another state? What should I do? I am looking for a birth or death certificate for a birth or death that took place before July 1, Where can I go?

If you want a certificate for a birth that took place before July 1, If the birth took place in King, Pierce, and Spokane, contact the Washington State local health departments and districts. For births that took place in any other county, contact the county auditor. I am looking for a marriage or divorce certificate for a marriage or divorce that took place before There is a mistake on the certificate I ordered, but I provided the correct information on the order form.

How did this happen? How can I correct a mistake on a record?