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The only two punishments available for capital crimes are death and life imprisonment. Felonies follow accordingly from the most serious to the least serious. Class A Felonies are punishable by no less than fifteen years and no more than sixty years in prison.

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The jury may also implement a fine of no more than fifty thousand dollars at their own discretion. Class B Felonies can carry sentences of no less than eight years and no more than thirty years in a state prison. A jury may also give an addition fine of no more than twenty-five thousand dollars. This is only subject to otherwise provided statutes.

Class C Felonies are also subject to fines as designated by a jury unless statutes are provided. This fine can be as much as ten thousand dollars but no more.

A prison sentence can be given with no less than three years and no more than fifteen years in a state prison. Class D Felonies carry no less than two years and no more than twelve years in prison. Like other felonies, Class D Felonies can have a dual punishment of an addition fine, as implemented by the jury, of no more than five thousand dollars. Class E Felonies are the last of the Tennessee felonies categories. There are actually five different levels of felony charges in Tennessee according to the State of Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts.

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Felonies are graded by Class. Class A offenses are the most serious of all while Class E felonies are the least serious of all felonies. A Class E felony charge is still, however, more grave than a misdemeanor charge. Sometimes the difference between one class and another may seem relatively minor but the outcome of each charge may be more substantial. Examples of Class A charges include murder and aggravated vehicular homicide.

Some drug offense may also be Class A felonies depending in part upon the quantity of the drug involved.

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Generally speaking a misdemeanor crime is punishable by a monetary fine or less than one year in the county jail. The type of punishment for a misdemeanor crime depends on the type of crime that was committed and its overall severity.

There are three classifications of misdemeanors in Tennessee. The three classifications of misdemeanors in Tennessee are as follows:. There are six classifications of felonies in Tennessee.

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The six classifications for felonies in Tennessee are as follows:. Not less than one 1 year nor more than six 6 years in prison.

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Not less than two 2 years nor more than twelve 12 years in prison. Not less than three 3 years nor more than fifteen 15 years in prison.

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Not less than eight 8 nor more than thirty 30 years in prison. Not less than fifteen 15 nor more than sixty 60 years in prison. Ooten Law is a top criminal misdemeanor and felony defense law firm.