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He and his wife, who have three adult children, now reside in Wentworth. When he's not working, Pierce likes to fish, travel and attend football games. Butl'IIlgoing district 17A, effective July 1. As to try andmake RockinghamCountythe manager,AldridgereplacesLarryPierce best it can be as far as the Division of and will oversee all community Community Corrections is concerned. I correctionsinRockinghamCounty. He graduated County in October In hissparetime, 15A.

A year veteran of the cohol and Chemical Dependency Pro- department, Price also will continue to gramsfollowingtheretirementofLattie handle the department's federal grants Baker. Prior to that he was a parole officer with the Pre- Release Aftercare program, a house arrest officer and an intensive probation officer.

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Strader also has been the chairman of the board that oversees CJPP in Harnett County for nine years and he recently served on the committee making recommendations to the county about the construction of a new county jail. Strader is looking forward to getting started in his new role. He holds a bachelor's degree inpolitical scienceand sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Sherri Creighton Robert D. Corr Prog Supv. At right, Chance models the lat-est in graduation attire.

MARION-When Max, Buffy and Pepper arrived at Marion Correctional Institution's minimum security unit, they were unadoptable dogs - the ones that had been repeatedly passed over in the shelter, the pets that no one wanted. When they left Marion on July 7 with excited new owners, they were greatly Jaspersmiles for the camera. They left with a new owner.

Pepper nom the McDowell shelter. Jasper Max, Buffy and Pepper were among and Chance, were rescued from the the first five dogs to complete the New Asheville Humane Society shelter and Leash on Life program, a pilot partnership trained at Black Mountain Correctional between state prisons and local animal Center for Women. The trainers old barn with her litter of pups. Her puppies were quickly adopted, but Buffy wasn't so lucky.

After a long stay in the shelter, she. For eight weeks, Corpening worked with Buffy,teaching her to sit, stay and heel, and turning her into a remarkably obedient and well-mannered dog. Dana Bridges saw Buffy's photo in the McDowell county newspaper and fell in love. She sent her application to the animal shelter, along with an essay describing what Buffy's life would be like ifshe were allowed to adopt her.

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A few weeks later, the she was selected to be Buffy's new f-. They're left with a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as new skills. There's even a change in the prison environment with the dogs around. Sparky and Sydney are the new dogs on campus at Black Mountain. Lucy, Simon and Belle squirmed and fought fiercely as they were brought into the room at Marion to meet their trainers. In a few weeks, they'll be changed dogs too.

After training is the newest inmates at McCain Inc. On June II, the Southeastern provided the dogs and act as guides for the blind. Meanwhile, puppies became the first graduates of training for the inmates, while the the inmates are busy training a new crop Puppies Assisting with Sight PAWS , a department provided inmates eager to of puppies that arrived in mid-June. The dogs investment," said Secretary Beck. The faith-based transition and re-entry program recruits and trains volunteer mentors, matchingthem with ex-inmates to provide assistance and support after release from prison.

TAN began in July , when Chaplain James Prince gathered representatives from several faith-based prison ministries to hear a presentation about matching JobStart graduates with volunteer mentors after release. The meeting inspired Prince to believe that volunteers from existing prison ministries could be trained to serve as those mentors and the idea for TAN was born.

Almost 1, volunteers already are in place in 65 counties. By the end of this year, TAN expects to have provided assistance to ex-inmates and by the end of Other initiatives include translating materials into Spanish and the formation of a new partnership with the Employment Security Commission in Cumberland County. The new chaplains have completed their orientation and are serving as chaplains at prisons across the state. Linda Harris, vice-chair of the North Carolina Advisory Committee on Religious Ministry in prisons, addresses twenty-two new prison chaplains who were affirmed July 27 in a service at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women.

The new chaplains have completed their orientation and now serve offenders at prisons across the state. Maybetheyhave seen him working his full-time job as a surveillance officer in Cwnberland COtmty. Or maybe-just maybe, they have seen him on the big screen. Brunson has been an extra or a stand-in 18 times in motion pictures, television movies and the television show "Dawson's Creek.

Most were very nice and mendly. Here is a little bit of the feedback about the photo, but ifyou have additionalinformation about the photo, please e-mail us at smr22 doc. I can offer a little help on the picture. This photo is of the old D. Rescue Squad used at Caledonia Correctional Institution until the early 's. The persons in the photo I can identify two of them. Working as an extra has had Brunson performing a variety of roles such as driving a truck in one movie scene to taking pictures of people sitting on a donkey at a carnival.

He's also been in the background as a police officer, a detective and a blood donor.

Lycoming County Court Opinions

When asked if he had any pictures ofhimselfwith any of the actors, Brunson said, "I've saved a number of scripts and some other small trinkets from the movies, but that's about it. He is taking a briefhiatus from his "extra" work to spend more time with his one-year-old daughter Jaime. The year-old also graduated summa cum laude with a degree in criminal justice You may wanna contact Mr.

Lee, Administrator hereat the facility,who can most likely identify all of them for you. Hope this helps. Moseley, correctional unit manager Caledoniaa I do not know who the people are in the picture, but the location is Caledonia CI. Daniel Reagan Engineering The picture was taken in front of Caledonia, maybe late s early s. Left to right. Hamm, D. Phipps, S. Johnson, L.

Whitaker, the gentleman to the far right, was the P. A , can't remember his name. I think the 1st one at Caledonia.

I started my career at Caledonia in , transferred to adorn in Correction--the 2nd from left is D. Fitts, and the P. With a 3. Brunson has been with Community Corrections fornine years and believes he has the best job in the department. When he's not doing curfew checks on offenders or tracking down absconders, he serves as Brunson an in-service training instructor.

He teaches firearms, pepper spray use, search and seizure and unlawful workplace harassment. In the meantime, I will focus on being an officer and a dad.

Ed Panapinto, physician extender. The picture was taken in front of Caledonia Correctional Institution.

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Caledonia, in those days, had self contained ambulance as well as a fire brigade with its own fire truck. This picture was probably sometime during the late 70s.