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Many scooter VINs are stamped into the frame rails.

Where Can You Find the Chassis Number of Your Vehicle?

Often times you will have to remove scooter bodywork to locate the VIN. We have seen many scooters with VINs stamped into the left side frame rails and some with them stamped into the right side frame rails. Additionally, many scooters include an identification plate or sticker that will aid in scooter identification.

Check the front and rear wheel wells along the right or left side. The letters I, i, O, o, Q, and q are never to be used so as to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0.

Character 1 The first character of the VIN tells us which region the motorcycle was manufactured in. Character 2 The second character, when combined with the first character denotes which country the motorcycle was manufactured in.

Bike Chassis number to know how old is the bike..? Hindi

Character 3 The third character is used by powersports manfacturers to identify the vehicle type. It could be a motorcycle, ATV or scooter. Not every manufacturer uses the same codes. Characters 4 — 9 These characters are known as the Vehicle Descriptor Section. Characters 4 through 8 provide information about the model, engine size and body style options. Character 9 is a check digit that is used to determine if the VIN is correct.

Characters 10 — 17 These characters are known as the Vehicle Identifier Section. The 10th character indicates the marketing model year of the vehicle, not to be confused with the year of production. For example a Honda CBRRR most likely has a date of production in — it was produced for the marketing year.

Search Vehicles by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

This also applies to cars. VIN is mandatory for any vehicle. The VIN can be found in titles, insurance cards, and registration. But for those who find perusing papers a little bit hectic, take time to understand where it is etched on your two-wheel drive. When you want to purchase replacement parts for your bike, having the VIN is important since you get exactly what you are looking for and, in most cases, the person selling the parts for you will need it.

Now that you understand how a motorcycle VIN looks like, where the heck do you get it on your two-wheel drive? The location of VIN in motorcycles is much the same as that of cars. You can find it on the steering neck. However, some VINs are etched on motor close to the bottom of the cylinder. To see it, sweep the handlebars to the left and observe the right-hand side of the motorcycle frame at the point where the head of the steering dives into the frame.

It is vertically fixed there on the metal. However, if you have an ATV , the location depends entirely on the manufacturer. In most cases, you will find it on the frame etched on the left side under the shifter. There might be other areas where VIN for ATV can be located depending on the manufacturer, so make sure when you are buying your ATV you ask the manufacturer where to find it.

Honda Motorcycles Model Prefix - VIN Number

Checking a motorcycle VIN is the best way of knowing the true identity of the motorbike and authenticating whether a second-hand bike was stolen or not. Vehicle registration agencies and car makers store a comprehensive database linked to these codes, so they can easily recognize a bike quickly and accurately by directly feeding in the code. The information provided by these agencies is essential to people who need to purchase pre-owned motorcycles. For instance, these reports offer substantial grounds to bargain the cost in case there are some issues from the motorcycle past.

It also helps you not to buy a motorcycle that has been involved in serious accidents in the past, and the repairs weren't sufficiently addressed.

Where is my frame number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located on my motorcycle?

It even saves you from buying a stolen or salvaged motorcycle. So why not spare some time and check VIN for the motorcycle you want to purchase and avoid costly future repairs and other issues with your motorbike? The VIN history report is crucial since it can even save your life in case the motorcycle's frame was severely spoiled and mended. Motorcycle history report presents an extremely useful statistics for motorcycle dealers, buyers, lenders, insurance firms and auction houses about whether a particular second-hand bike has reported accidents, the last odometer readings, OEM recalls and the number of past owners.

This information is usually collected from various reliable sources such as insurance firms, manufacturer, government bodies such as NHTSA and sometimes police reports. The motorcycle history report is supposed to provide all the information concerning the repair history but doesn't include comprehensive data concerning the brand history of the bike. Here is what you expect to find in a motorcycle history report:. Naturally, people like free things. Many are the times you find yourself moving from one site to another trying to look for free Motorcycle VIN check reports.

Seldomly you get what you are looking for though not everything while sometimes you may end up in sour deals. But what should you choose? A paid Motorcycle VIN check or free one? Well, here is the truth.

Searched VIN Numbers

Generally, firms offer two types of reports: free VIN decoder and paid VIN check the free decoder only contains the features of the motorcycle such as equipment model, specs, fuel efficiency, market value, warrant, etc. The paid one is more comprehensive since it offers exclusive past info of the motorcycle such as registrations, maintenance, accidents etcetera. The bottom line is that multiple firms will provide you with VIN checker.

But you should know that the free report is typical as it sounds. There is no much information provided but the initial info. Therefore, if you need comprehensive information about a certain motorcycle, you should be willing to break the bank for that. Remember that you get the value of what you are willing to give in return, and it is worth to give more to get more, especially when purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle.

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Though both a motorcycle and a dirt bike are two-wheeled vehicles, there are some aspects that differentiates them. The main differences are on the design , construction and the material used. Dirt bike has small and light frame which is constructed for swift mobility.

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It is built to remain stable on rugged terrain. It is designed with suspension system with spring shocks for this purpose.