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Middle Panel Content Area 3. Who can apply You can apply for a birth certificate if you are the person named on the certificate or a parent of the person. You must provide at least three forms of identification with your application.

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Be a legally appointed guardian of the person named on the certificate. This site commemorates the 1. Archway - Archives New Zealand. Archives New Zealand's system for documenting government records. Use Archway to search for probate and other records. Archives New Zealand. This site has details about the Archives, holdings, publications and Archway for online searches.

This number can then later be used to request the extract. In the U. The federal and state governments have traditionally cooperated to some extent to improve vital statistics. From to the U. Census Bureau designed standard birth certificates, collected vital statistics on a national basis, and generally sought to improve the accuracy of vital statistics. In that responsibility was passed to the U.

Public Health Service. Unlike the British system of recording all births in "registers", the states file an individual document for each and every birth.

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The U. National Center for Health Statistics creates standard forms that are recommended for use by the individual states to document births. However, states are free to create their own forms. These forms are completed by the attendant at birth or a hospital administrator, which are then forwarded to a local or state registrar, who stores the record and issues certified copies upon request.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, as of [update] there were more than 6, entities issuing birth certificates. The Inspector General report states that according to the staff at the Immigration and Naturalization Service 's Forensics Document Laboratory the number of legitimate birth certificate versions in use exceeded 14, In the case of applying for a U.

A certified birth certificate has a registrar's raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar's signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar's office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note, some short abstract versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes. Beginning April 1, , all birth certificates must also include the full name of the applicant's parent s.

State Department has paid close attention to abstract certificates from both Texas and California. There have been reports of a high incidence of midwife registration fraud along the border region between Texas and Mexico, [61] [62] and the Texas abstract certificate form does not list the name or occupation of the attendant. The California Abstract of Birth did not include an embossed seal, was no longer considered a secure document, and have not been issued in California since Most hospitals in the U.

However, these birth certificates are not legally accepted as proof of age or citizenship, and are frequently rejected by the Bureau of Consular Affairs during passport applications. Many Americans believe [64] the souvenir records to be their official birth certificates when in reality they hold little legal value.

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In the United States, when an adoption is finalized, the government seals the original birth certificate and will issue a replacement birth certificate substituting the individual's birth name with the name selected by the adoptive parent s , and replacing the birth parent s name with the adoptive parent s. In those cases, adopted individuals are not granted access to their own original birth certificate upon request.

Laws vary depending on the state where the birth was originally registered and the adoption was finalized. Some states allow adopted people unrestricted access to their own original birth certificate, while in others the certificate is available only if the biological parent s have given their permission or a petition has been granted by the court of jurisdiction. Other jurisdictions do not allow adopted people access to their own original birth certificate under any circumstances.

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