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This is usually available by double-clicking the little yellow icon of a loudspeaker in the system tray. A screen titled "Volume Control" appears. On this screen you will see a selection of inputs. Each one can be individually switched on or off using its "mute" checkbox. All those which are not muted are available for playback through the soundcard's output, and their relative volumes can be controlled using the appropriate sliders.

Thus, this screen behaves like a simple mixer, allowing multiple sources to be gathered together for output. OK, all this is fine, and allows you to pass the input through to the output, but: it doesn't make the unmuted inputs available for recording to hard disk.

To do this, select the "Properties" item from the "Options" menu. A screen titled "Properties" will appear.

In the box titled "Adjust volume for", there are radio buttons: select the one for Recording. A list of available inputs appears in the box beneath "Show the following volume controls", and you should ensure that all the various inputs you may wish to record are checked in that list. Now press "OK", and the main screen's title changes to "Recording Control".

Putting Realtek Audio Console to Work – WinGuru

This screen presents the inputs available for recording, and to activate the one you want, check its associated "Select" checkbox. The recording level can be adjusted using the selected input's volume slider; note that you can adjust this while recording just like you can with the level control on a tape deck. You may also see a simple level meter like the LEDs on a cassette deck next to some inputs on some soundcards; whether they appear depends on the particular facilities provided by the soundcard's driver.

However, this meter is uncalibrated and most hard disk recording packages are likely to have better metering. Once you have set the required record level, you can close down the Volume Control utility and the settings will remain unchanged usually. Be sure that you don't have something disabled.

Long winded is good. I found the Recording Control window. The only glitch is that the check boxes are labeled "Mute" rather than "Select".

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They are all unmuted, no level meter shown. By the way thanks for the clear directions. In your Realtek Control Panel you should see an Analog port indicate active not dim when your amp is plugin. Remember, I do hear and can capture the audio, the record level and balance controls are ineffective, I think, because the "Capture From" box is blank. You should see your sound card in the "Capture From" Double check the Volume Controls again and make sure they are set ok.

I did try your suggestion in post 5. I found the Recording Control. The check boxes, however, are "mute" rather than "Select". I double checked the volume controls and they are OK.

Can’t record sound on PC? Here are 5 solutions to fix it

Again, the problem is that I don't see my sound card in "Capture From", it remains blank. I can capture the audio just fine. The record level and balance adjusting must be done at the stereo amp. Under Volume, everything is unmuted. In Device Manager everything is enabled and is performing properly.

I really appreciate your patience with me. I got the Master Volume window, clicked on Options, selected Properties.

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With the output choice selected the Playback radio button is automatically selected. I have all boxes checked. When I click on OK I get a window the says "Recording Control" at the top with a balance and volume slider just like your picture. The only difference is that the check boxes at the bottom are labeled "Mute" the Recording section check box says "Mute all" , and at the very bottom it says "Realtek HD Audio Input" instead of "Realtek AC97 Audio" like yours.

All the mute check boxes are un-checked. I'd insert a picture if I knew how. This explains why you have different settings in your Recording device than me. Did you ever try using the Mic jack on your sound card, it was mentioned on an earlier post I was reading over your posts and you always talk about the "Master Volume" and the one I refer to is the "Volume Control", two different controls.

I did try plugging a jack into the Mic port, but as he warned I didn't try to input a signal from the headphone output. It was just a jack with nothing connected to it as I don't have a microphone. The result was that on the Realtek sound manager the Mic port indicated it was active, no change on Roxio. He takes them everywhere and loves them. Affordable quality I got these headphones to temporarily replace my Bose headphones which had broken right before Christmas. I didn't want to put out the extra money for Bose or Beats at the moment.

I found these on a whim and absolutely love them. They were put to the test this weekend as I used them in to look at Netflix.

How to Fix Audio Balance in Windows 10

Every noise, buzzer, and alarm that went off was either cancelled out or heard at a minimal. I was able to toss them between my purse, overnight bag, and car with no wear or tear. They worked with my phone as I was able to listen to music as well as talk on the phone via the mic. If you are looking for a pair of good headphones without the heavy price tag do yourself a favor and check these out.

By Tomii B.

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I've tried everything to make the experience a bit more tolerable from earbuds, a single ear earbud, Bluetooth headsets, and a very expensive professional USB headset. I have to say that this item, especially at this price point, beats them all. There are a couple of exceptions, but overall this is an outstanding product. First, you need to know that the audio output is optimized for voice, it's got a lot of bass and only marginal high end.

It makes voice sound tremendous, especially when others are on speakerphone, which happens often in conference calls. If you like a lot of lows, I suppose you could listen to music on it, but that's not what it seems to be designed for. The bass isn't muddy, there's just a lot of it. By Mark E. Great product for the price I have an online teaching job. This headset is great for that because I am able to mute my surroundings when I am in the virtual classroom so the students can't hear me. If I need to, I am also able to mute both sides.

This will mute the student and me. I love the cushion on the top of the head piece. I also love the the headset is not restricting and can be used on any device requiring an audio jack in addition to the computer plug in seen in the picture.

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By HomemadeWithLove. I had one that worked pretty well, and then the padding finally wore out basically fell apart. So, I needed to search for another headset. I purchased my next headset pictured below — left side , but that one had a lot of downsides.

Needledrop recording help (guess my problem)

The padding was not comfortable at all. My search continued. I then found this product pictured below — right side , and I am very satisfied. By Wantek. Worth every penny, I wished I had bought this years ago. I purchased this after being frustrated with how quickly and easily headsets break, sometimes after 3 months or less.