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Now in the social tab, you will see your list of friends currently you can have a total of , and any pending invites from friends that requested using your Friend Code.

To add another player's friend code - or find and share your own friend code, hit the "Add Friend" button at the top, which will display your own Code Name and Friend Code below. Note that you can change your friend code by hitting the button to the right of the code, but changing it will render that previous code unusable to anyone who may have received it before requesting you as a friend. Below your own Friend Code, you can find a space to add another friend who has shared with you their ID - 3 sets of 4 numbers each.

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Once you have friends on your Friend List, you can see their level, and the most recent task they completed. If your friends list ever becomes full, or you otherwise need to clear out your list of friends, you can also remove friends from your Social Tab. How can I know the locations of users who contribute to a specific area?

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Is it still impossible to get a user name from its uid? Your answer. Foo 2. Bar to add a line break simply add two spaces to where you would like the new line to be. This is the support site for OpenStreetMap.

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