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How to Set a GPS Tracker on a Phone

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    I already own one and I have no regrets purchasing it. It works great as what I have expected.

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    Same experience. Never had regrets on this device. Had it for a couple of months already and it still works so well. I can really recommend trackimo because its reliability is very good.

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    You can use some old Android phone and just write software to send data to your server. Just configure the account and you can see it in Google location manager. Add a 12v plug usb power adapter and you get a tracker for the car, which does also as an assistant with Google now. These stories make it sound as if these devices are one time sunk cost purchases. This is not the case when you have to pay the network operator to communicate the data for use. Who cares if the sunk cost is below the monthly cost of service, that is nearly meaningless.

    The advantage would have to actually be the added security of a custom system, where off-the-shelf attacks would fail so it would take a knowledgeable and dedicated attacker to break in. That depends upon whether or not your application requires real-time update.

    how to trace any mobile phone and gets it exact location(2017)working 100%

    If you just want to know where the car has been, you can wait until it returns home and uploads the data onto your own WiFi network. Add in a 4 dollar power supply 12v to whatever voltage, connection the phone needed and was able to track my vehicle anywhere, anytime.

    I could see a history plus the vehicles speed during that time. If not for google, I would still be using that option. Do you have details of that project? It would be nice if you could give it here. Lots of old cell phones lying around could be put to use. Just finished programming it.. People on Had comments are always angry about other peoples work. Check out APRS. Hmmm this ham is hundreds of miles away, hmmm maybe no one home? Nice way to case a joint.

    So everybody mentioning APRS… Realize that there are certain issues there: you have to be a licensed amateur, there are restrictions on automatic stations, and there are restrictions on purposes for which you can use it in other words, not for pay or for business purposes. Sorry my comment was not to bring any disrespect to the project.

    It just reminded me how much fun I had with mine.

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    Trackers used in theft protection need a way to report their position. Not worth it. This is very educational however when you need a reliable and handy GPS tracker best to buy the most trusted brands in the market. Any recommendations what tracker to get? I agree.

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    Have you tried using trackimo? I used it for my drones and so far i have no issues about it. Not sure the tech behind this — but on my iPad if you start Google Maps, search for a location while in wifi and then leave the app open — leaving Wifi does not disable the GPS tracking system. My iPad does not have cellular data no SIM. In my own PCB, if I insert a sim card, all runs right. It seems like an operation of start-up. Anyone could give me some advices? I used Trackimo tracking device also 3G GPS tracker works well aside from its performance there is no hidden fee charges it is very affordable.