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Cloyse Oh! What did this Goody Cloyse do to you? She pinched and bit me till the blood came. How long since this woman came and hurt you? Yesterday at meeting. At any time before? Yes a great many times. Mary Walcot! She hurt me. Did she bring the book? What was you to do with it?

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To touch it, and be well. Doth she come alone?


Sometimes alone, and sometimes in company with Goody Nurse and Goody Corey , and a great many I do not know. Abigail Williams! Parris's house eat and drink? Yes Sir, that was their sacrament. How many were there? About forty, and Goody Cloyse and Goody Good were their deacons. What was it? They said it was our blood, and they had it twice that day. Yes, Sir, a great many times. What sort of man was he? A fine grave man, and when he came, he made all the witches to tremble.

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Who was at Deacon Ingersoll's then? Elizabeth Procter! Speak the truth, and so you that are afflicted, you must speak the truth, as you will answer it before God another day.

I never saw her so as to be hurt by her. Mary Lewis! Ann Putman , does she hurt you? This is the woman that came in her shift and choaked me. Yes, Sir. What to do? What, this woman? Are you sure of it?

Elizabeth Proctor is taken.

What do you say Goody Procter to these things? I take God in heaven to be my witness, that I know nothing of it, no more than the child unborn. Ann Putman! Yes Sir, a great many times.

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She does not bring the book to you, does she? Yes, Sir, often, and saith she hath made her maid set her hand to it. Yes, Sir, often. Does she bring the book to you? What would she have you do with it? To write in it and I shall be well.

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Procter Dear Child, it is not so. There is another judgement, dear child. Goodman Procter and his wife too. Pope's feet. What do you say Goodman Proctor to these things? I know not, I am innocent. Pope , and immediately, said Pope fell into a fit. I would advise you to repentance, for the devil is bringing you out. There was the like of Mary Walcot , and divers others. Immediately Abigail cried out, her fingers, her fingers, burned, and Ann Putman took on most greviously, of her head, and sunk down. Salem, April 11th, Samuel Parris was desired by the honourable Thomas Danforth , deputy-governor, and the council, to take in writing the aforesaid examinations, and accordingly took and delivered them in; and upon hearing the same, and seeing what was then seen, together with the charge of the afflicted persons, were by the advice of the council all committed by us,.

Salem At a Councill held at Salem. His words would come back to haunt him. Elizabeth Proctor was arrested on April Accompanied by her husband, she was examined in the Salem Town meetinghouse on April By the end of the examination, which was attended by dignitaries from Boston, including Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth, John Proctor was also accused of witchcraft. Both Proctors were held for trial in Boston jail.

Mary Warren, vacillating between accuser and accused, was herself arrested and jailed on April She accused both of her employers of witchcraft by the 20 th. An interesting accusation was lodged by Joseph Bayley, the brother of Reverend James Bayley the first minister of Salem Village, from Bayley claimed to see John and Elizabeth in a window and by the door, even though they were both in Boston jail. He experienced pain in his chest, head, and stomach. He was rendered speechless and felt he was followed by something unseen on the return trip. As the date of the trials of John and Elizabeth Proctor approached, John wrote a letter on July 23 to five Boston ministers in which he described jail conditions and the treatment of prisoners.

He asked that the trials be moved to Boston. His request was not granted. Two petitions in support of the Proctors, from neighbors in Salem and Ipswich, were also presented. They too had no effect. The trials went on as scheduled on August 2. John and Elizabeth were both convicted of witchcraft, largely on spectral evidence. Elizabeth received a stay of execution because it had been discovered that she was pregnant.

He may have once been buried on the edge of his property, land that belongs to the Peabody High School today. Elizabeth Proctor remained in jail until May of John and Elizabeth Proctor were among the people whose names were cleared of the charges of witchcraft in He married his first wife Martha maiden name unclear circa The couple had four children, only one of whom, Benjamin, lived to adulthood.

Martha died in childbirth in In , Proctor married Elizabeth Thorndike, with whom he had seven children. At least two died before reaching adulthood.