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Product Reviews for Wolf Ready-Fit Car Cover (Size W - Block-It 380)

People with trucks, vans, and SUVs will often buy lighter Block-It covers because they are less bulky, especially when the covers are being taken off and put on frequently. Many people will buy covers like the Block It for use during the day when their cars are kept in carports or in uncovered parking lots, both to prevent theft and to keep damaging sun, rain, and snow off of their prized vehicle.

If you have ever seen a vehicle paint job that has been damaged by the sun, or by ozone, you will soon see that any car cover is a cost effective alternative to a custom paint job. This is why Wolf Car Covers have been the preferred choice of vehicle and automotive collectors for many years.

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Wolf Covers are seen at auto shows, in garages, and in the yards of ordinary people who want to store a vehicle, or even to camouflage an unpainted, unattractive vehicle from the neighborhood. Free Shipping! What makes this cover so unique is its 4-layer design, coupled with its excellent UV protection.

It has been coined, "Sun Block for your Car". In addition to it's excellent UV blockage, the thick 4 layers shield your car from light impacts and common car damages such as door dings, bicycles, kids, light hail, and more. A high-performance, 4-layer cover, the Covercraft Technalon Evolution is highly breathable and stands up to the test of time.

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An excellent, all-weather, or general protection choice. This cover has a 4-year warranty by Covercraft Industries. This fabric can cover your car, truck, SUV, van, or specialty type vehicle.

With 80, patterns in the database, we can certainly find a pattern that will fit your automobile like a glove. Each product is handcrafted in the USA and we guarantee a perfect fit.

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Fabric Swatches Try before you buy. Order a set of Covercraft Evolution Technalon Fabric Swatches to make sure this fabric is just what you want. Your new custom-fit car cover will be manufacturered to order in the USA exclusively for your vehicle. Manufacturing times vary at different times of the year and depend on material availablity and production volumes. Covercraft manufactures its custom-fit car covers in Pauls Valley, OK, and has been doing so since During that time, Covercraft has worked vigorously to speed up the production time required to make the word's best car covers.

Please note this applies to the shipping method only, your new cover will still require time in production prior to shipping as outlined above. Technalon is a four layer fabric which features superior protection from intense sun, and excellent protection from dents and dings.

It also offers remarkable protection from dust, dirt, rain, snow, and all other elements which can be detrimental to your vehicles exterior finish. While Technalon is an excellent choice for outdoor storage it can be used indoors as well. Technalon Evolution carries a 4 year warranty.

CoverQuest is proud to offer only the highest quality car, boat, and RV covers. Covercraft has been in business for over 50 years. If you have any questions about these covers or which fabric may work best for your situation, please feel free to give us a call at or live chat with one of our cover experts— we are always happy to help. Custom Quality Custom and Semi-Custom products for all styles and sizes manufactured with quality fabrics and superior workmanship.