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With the most ATS integrations in the industry, fast turnarounds, global reach and high satisfaction rates from customers and applicants, see why HireRight is the right choice.

Criminal-Background Checks, Social-Media Screening on the Rise

Although most businesses have high talent standards, they also are challenged by limited resources. In addition, they frequently need to move quickly when the time comes to make a hire. Yet each applicant and employee adds business and security risk. Fortunately, performing background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business. We provide small business owners a reliable, fast and convenient way to conduct pre-employment credit checks and criminal history checks.

ShareAble for Hires delivers reports in a timely, accurate and personalized fashion that provides results to employers within a matter of minutes.

Background Check for Employment - Types, Benefits & Regulations

You need a fast turnaround when screening your job applicants. We help you make a faster decision to staff at your pace, and keep your top candidates moving through your hiring process.

How long the pre-employment background check process takes can vary, but once the applicant accepts your screening request and passes identity verification then your reports are sent immediately. Our criminal record background checks are reliable, as our enhanced matching logic is backed by TransUnion, a trusted leader in the consumer reporting agency industry with over 40 years of experience.

The best criminal background checks combine convenience of use, ease to start, cost-effectiveness, reliable high-quality data and comprehensive reports delivered in an easy-to-read format that helps you pick great employees.

Talk to an Employment Rights attorney.

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can help manage the risk behind making this critically important decision. We use advanced filters and best practices with our advanced pre-employment background check solutions. Using the best criminal background service is a key element in the strategic recruitment and hiring of quality job candidates.

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Get criminal background checks for employment results you can trust with ShareAble for Hire. Get Assistance With Criminal Background Checks Comprehensive criminal background screenings can help you avoid unfavorable hires that can compromise the safety, security and standing of your business.

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Criminal Law : Do Dismissed Cases Show Up on a Criminal Background Check?

June Chances are strong a property manager or landlord has had at least one troublesome tenant. You might have even had your own experience with a tenant who always paid rent late or who damaged your property investment. May Here are the four phases of a background screening September Screening Seasonal Employees.

Background Checks

With summer in full swing, many companies have begun their annual campaigns to hire seasonal workers for the holidays. Whether you operate a traditional brick-and-mortar enterprise or concentrate on online sales, hiring seasonal employees likely plays a significant role in your yearly revenue plan.

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In many businesses, previous seasonal employees return over the course of multiple years. For the sake of convenience and cost-cutting, hiring managers may decide to skip background screenings for those

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