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If you provided an email address at the time you submitted your online questionnaire, the court will notify you via email if your request for postponed was granted. Once you have submitted an online request for postponement, it is not necessary to send an email or call the Jury Department to speak to a clerk as this may delay your request. After reading the information in the sections listed above, please complete the Juror Qualification Questionnaire by clicking the button, below.

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Be aware: The Court's policy is not to contact prospective or active jurors to request personal information such as birth date, social security or credit card numbers. Read more. Skip to main content.

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You cannot get the evidence you need by the date your response is due. Example : There is a dispute over the parenting plan. The other party has said things about you that are not true. Find out what the local rules for continuances are by talking to a lawyer before your hearing; or asking the court clerk, facilitator, or law librarian.

Or check the Superior Court's website.

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  • Contact the other party or their lawyer to find out if the other party will agree to a continuance. If you contact the other party or lawyer by phone, follow up with a letter, fax, or email stating you asked for a continuance. If the other party or lawyer agrees to a continuance, ask them to put something in writing letter, fax, or email confirming this. It should also say the new hearing date, if possible.

    The other party or lawyer must tell the court they want the hearing continued. Call the court clerk. Make sure the other party has told the court the hearing is continued. Ask the clerk whether if a new hearing date has been set.

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    Sometimes the other party will only agree to a continuance if you agree to certain things before the next hearing. If you think the conditions are reasonable or that a judge would think they are reasonable , you may agree to them. If you do not agree to the other party's conditions or the new proposed hearing date, you MUST go to court to ask for a continuance. File a declaration with the court asking for a continuance. In your declaration, tell the judge why you need the continuance. Explain how you will be able to do a better job presenting the evidence in your case if you have more time.

    Explain some of what you want to tell the court in case you do not get a continuance. Explain why you think you or someone else will be harmed if you do not get the continuance. If you asked the other party to agree to a continuance and they refused, tell the judge.

    The Procedure for Court Postponement of a Divorce Hearing | LegalZoom Legal Info

    Attach any letters, faxes or emails you sent the other party and any written response you got from them. File your original declaration requesting a continuance with the court clerk.

    Can Your Spouse Claim Retirement Benefits in a Divorce? - Huntsville Alabama Divorce Lawyers

    File an extra copy for the judge. The clerk can explain how to file an extra copy for the judge. Someone not you who is eighteen or older must serve the other party or lawyer with your declaration. You must file the Proof of Mailing or Hand Delivery with the court clerk, or at least bring it with you to the hearing. Keep a copy of the declaration for your records.

    Divorce Laws in Alabama

    Bring it with you to the hearing. Get ready for the hearing. Make notes about what you want to tell the judge. Be ready to present your case if the judge does not agree to continue your hearing. Go to the hearing. You must arrive on time or a few minutes before the hearing. The judge may ask you to explain why. Some states do have guidelines for self-employed jurors in their courts. Courts in Virginia, for example, will exempt individuals who are so essential to a business that the company would shut down without them.

    In Massachusetts, you can similarly request a judicial discretion hearing to have yourself or an essential employee be excused from jury service. Keep in mind that the courts are not required to honor your request, though.

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