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We help to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in the UK by setting standards for students and doctors.

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We support them in achieving and exceeding those standards, and take action when they are not met. Home Ethical guidance Learning materials Disclosing medical records after death.

Who has access to medical records of a deceased relative?

Disclosing medical records after death. The letter refers to his right of access under the Access to Health Records Act What the doctor had to consider The duty of confidentiality persists after a patient has died Confidentiality, paragraph Related content Confidentiality Read our guidance for doctors. The General Medical Council.

Registration and licensing Ethical guidance Education Concerns About. Next-of-kin or certain representatives can request records.

What Happens To Your Medical Data After You Die? - The Medical Futurist

Requests may be needed for various reasons including autopsy of the deceased or medical history for other family members. Medical records, even of a deceased individual, are generally protected.

Only certain people are allowed to request medical records. Those people are relatives of the deceased, or certain representatives of those relatives. Records are found at hospitals, doctors offices and specialized labs such as imaging or blood work.

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Determine what type of business is holding the medical records. Larger agencies or hospitals may have records centrally located or archived in different departments.

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Addressing any request correspondence to the business rather than a personal doctor will widen the search, increasing chances of success. Contact the agency holding the records.

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Although you might not obtain the records with a simple phone call, you might narrow your search. Confirm whether there are records and what documentation and forms are needed to fulfill the request.

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Put the request in writing, explaining your relationship to the deceased and why you need the medical records. Be as official as possible when making the request. For example, if you need medications that were given to the deceased, include a Medicinal Administration Request, or MAR.